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Life style Management is a life style correction or mind, body & nature balancing based on ancient Vedic knowledge, Naturopathy & Yoga. Here we give care to life style. That is food, work, rest, relation and words. Ancient people corrected these five aspects through various life styles / Chariyas. Dinacharya-Daily routine. Yruthucharya-Seasonal routine, Deshacharya- Life style based on places. Ashramacharya- Life style based on various phases of life (Childhood, boyhood, adolescence, adulthood) Varnashramacharya-Life style based on Psyco-phisiological personality and style of work.

His Guru


Sri. Vethathiri Maharshi Founder of WCSC, a world famous research institute of Kundalani Yoga in Aliyar, Pollachi . He is known as Master of transformation & common man’s Philosopher.

Prof: D. Suresh Babu

He is the founder of Bright life foundation Kerala. He Joined WCSC in 1987. He took Thuriya initiation from Vethathiri Maharishi. He Took more than 5000 Classes in Life style Management, Kundalini yoga, Smart memory and Life management and Personality development classes in various organisations, Churches, Rotary Clubs, NSS, SNDP, Corporate firms.

  • Motto:- World peace through individual peace that can be achieved through harmonious life with nature.
  • Mission:- Teach the people to achieve more in least effort and achieve health, wealth & happiness.
  • Vision:- Holistic health.

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